Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why I want YOU to Own a Successful Small Business

Why do I want you to own a successful small business?

Here's my list of 7:

  1. So you can go to your kids baseball games. You can control your time and not be controlled by someone else's schedule. Boss "Hey John, get on a plane and spend next week in Portland."  John, "Next week is my kids birthday party." Boss, "Sorry about that but you have to be there."
  2. So you can make your community a better place by supporting good causes that effect your neighbors. 
  3. So you can provide the services and products the community wants instead of decisions for Omaha being made in New York.
  4. So you can provide jobs for your friends, neighbors and family.
  5. So your kids can feel the security of a home that's in control of it's future and your kids don't hear you and your spouse talking about the layoffs that might be coming.
  6. So that you can have the security of being in control of your future
  7. So that I can buy products and services from my neighbors.

Please add your reasons in the comments section so we can move forward local small businesses in our communities

What's the Value of a Small Business?  Here's your easy to use guide to Small Business Value.

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