Saturday, February 26, 2011

Want to Know How a Business Appraiser Looks at Small Business Value?

Factors that Increase or Decrease Business Value

By: George D. Abraham
CEO & Chief Appraiser
Business Evaluation Systems

There's a range of key factors that can affect the value of a business.  While some of these factors are outside of the owner's control, steps can be taken to make the business as valuable as possible. Start planning well in advance and consider inserting an exit strategy into your original business plan. Then start implementing the factors that increase value and eliminate the factors that decrease the value.

Financial Statements

Just how good are your financials. Are they minimal or do they show an in-depth look at your business.  Can you easily track the flow of revenue and expenses flowing from the invoice to the financials to the tax returns?  Can your track the sales of your top 5 customers? Can you easily prove all of the perks you receive from the company?  Today's accounting software easily lets you do all of this and much more.  When a buyer is interested in a company, the ease at which the owner can prove the financial performance of his or her business has a direct impact on value. Incomplete or inaccurate financials tells the buyer that no one is watching and tracking the Company's performance and therefore the future performance (of real importance to the buyer) is unpredictable.  Value is created or destroyed by the ability to see the Company's future.  The longer the buyer can see that the Company will perform in the future as represented, the more secure they are and less risk is perceived.  To the contrary, when the future is a guess, risk is increased and value is decreased

Landscape Business for Sale in Texas

Recognized for excellence, this landscape business is known for its variety of designs which utilizes native Texas and low maintenance plants. Excellent reputation with outstanding and growing plant nursery to supply plants. Business has operated successfully for more than 12 years. The well trained staff is ready to help the new owner succeed. Business is located in growing area with excellent demographics for landscape design services. Excellent real estate included in the sale of the business.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ever wonder what an Accredited Investor is? And why it matters......

Under the Securities Act of 1933, any company that sells securities must register with the SEC or file for an exemption if they so qualify.  The Act provides companies with a number of exemptions from federal registration requirements.  One of these exemptions is that the company may sell its securities to Accredited Investors.   Selling securities to Accredited Investors is deemed to be an exemption because the assumption is that Accredited Investors have the skill and knowledge to evaluate and determine the risk of the investment.

The term Accredited Investor is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is used to describe investors who have achieved a level of financial sophistication that eliminates or diminishes the need for protection that some government filings may provide. 
An Accredited Investor is:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a new year, winter is raging and opportunities await....

This time of year I like to take several days away from my day-to-day business, hide out somewhere cold but with a good fireplace and sort through the current opportunities and challenges of my business. I make it a point to seriously limit email and phones so I can think more clearly without the usual "noise" of day to day activity.

I'm always curious about how (or if) other business owners do the same and what approach they take to an annual review or plan. Please let me know your routine and your success with it.

Here's my approach: